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Thank you for choosing Accurate Termite and Pest Control for your community’s fumigation.

When is my unit being Fumigated?


Request your Occupants Fumigation Notice by filling out the webform below

Vacate by:

Friday, September 15th, 8 AM

Return after:

Monday, September 18th, 12 PM

Online Webinar

Wednesday, August 30th, 6 PM

This dedicated web portal contains all of the information you need for your upcoming fumigation.

What you need to do:

1. Attend One Townhall Meeting (Find My Meeting Dates)

Sign your disclosure and notice of compliance

2. Bag and Store Perishable Food, Medications, and Supplements

See a list of food items that need to be bagged and bagging instructions below.



3. Provide a spare key to your unit and leave all rooms accessible

NOTE: All keys are left in your unit with the door locked once we clear your unit. Be sure to have access to your unit other than the key you provide to avoid locking yourself out.

4. Vacate Accordingly

What you need to know:

The entire process is detailed in this video:
Information about Vikane®, the product being used:




The Structural Pest Control Board published the following document with Frequently Asked Questions regarding whole structure fumigation.


  1. ziba shahriary

    When does the aeration starts for Villa Cezzane?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Ziba. Ventilation started on Saturday afternoon.

  2. Tunisha

    Ozzie- I have emailed your team and not received a response. How can we confirm that our units have been ventilated and what is the process to release the chemical from each unit/ common areas?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Tunisha. Ventilation starts on the second day of fumigation. That means that your building was ventilating for 48 hours before you arrive home. Air quality is checked to the molecular level to detect any presence of fumigant. Once the entire building has shown no presence of gas, the building is certified for reentry.

  3. Amy Stathos

    I submitted this question yesterday, but have not seen a response. When we return to the building on Monday at noon, will the gas company folks need to enter our individual units to turn the gas back on? I ask because in the most recent communication it sys “Upon Return – Resume life as if nothing ever happened!” Does that mean the gas will be working as usual at the moment we return?

  4. Amy Stathos

    After we return to the building at noon on Monday, will the gas company folks need to come into to each unit?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey Amy. Yes, they need to enter the home to test and restore gas supply to all applicable appliances. They will arrive anytime between 12pm and 6pm.

      • Amy Stathos

        Thanks Ozzie – I had not seen this response before I re-submitted my question again today, which you can ignore. The reason I asked is because the most recent communication from your group said “Upon Return – Resume life as if nothing ever happened!” Given your response above, that is not actually the case. It could be until 6 p.m. before gas is restored. So, just a note for future communications that you may want to modify this language to reflect that it could be several hours before gas is restored, so not quite “as if nothing ever happened!”

  5. Nadia

    My key would be in a lock box combination is **********

    I also need extra bags I have emailed twice but have not received any response, how much do they cost?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Nadia, We updated your key info. I apologize for the delay in arranging bags for you. We will arrive with some bags for you on fumigation in case you wanted to take the additional time to bag other items.

  6. James

    Hi – we watched the replay of the webinar (thank you) and have a few follow up questions about the upcoming fumigation:
    – you mention baby mattress needs to be removed. What about other baby items (such as diapers, wipes, clean/empty bottles, clothes, pacifiers, baby lotion, baby toys that sometimes end up in the mouth, stroller, etc.)?
    – what about a baby bassinet (which has a very thin mattress/padding at the bottom)?
    – also if baby formula is in a factory sealed bag (not a can or jar), should we bag it? Guessing yes…
    – confirming ok to leave all adult toiletries / makeup / etc. out as-is
    – you mention that cars in the garage need to be left open / unlocked. What if we aren’t comfortable leaving our car open/unlocked for this period of time? (our building has had a few break-ins recently)

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey James. There’s no need to remove any other baby products besides edibles and the crib mattress. The same goes for toys, diapers, and the bassinet. Toiletries can stay as is. Leaving your car unlocked is a common concern> However, we are mandated by law to ensure that they stay accessible throughout the entire fumigation. If you prefer to keep it locked, it may be a better idea to park it somewhere else at a secure location.

      • James

        Thanks Ozzie – very helpful. One more quick question… what about spices in the kitchen? (salt, pepper, oregano, etc.). If they are open (not factory sealed) do we need to bag those as well?

        • Ozzie Camacho

          All those spices would still have to be double bagged if not in a factory sealed glass container.


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