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Thank you for choosing Accurate Termite and Pest Control for your community’s fumigation.

When is my unit being Fumigated?


Request your Occupants Fumigation Notice by filling out the webform below

Vacate by:

Monday, October 30th, 8 AM

Return after:

Wednesday, November 1st, 2 PM

Online Webinar

Wednesday, October 11th, 6 PM

This dedicated web portal contains all of the information you need for your upcoming fumigation.

What you need to do:

1. Attend One Townhall Meeting (Find My Meeting Dates)

Sign your disclosure and notice of compliance

2. Bag and Store Perishable Food, Medications, and Supplements

See a list of food items that need to be bagged and bagging instructions below.



3. Provide a spare key to your unit and leave all rooms accessible

NOTE: All keys are left in your unit with the door locked once we clear your unit. Be sure to have access to your unit other than the key you provide to avoid locking yourself out.

4. Vacate Accordingly

What you need to know:

The entire process is detailed in this video:
Information about Vikane®, the product being used:




The Structural Pest Control Board published the following document with Frequently Asked Questions regarding whole structure fumigation.


  1. Dennis Olson


  2. Dennis Olson

    Hello, I live in unit #B of 2352 Caringa Way. Please use ring door bell to contact me for information on Monday morning.
    Thank you

  3. Jenna

    Can someone remind me how we are supposed to seal off our nylofume bags for food storage? I remember hearing it in the webinar but can’t recall what the proper procedure was

  4. Dennis Olson

    Hello,, We have SDGE as a gas provider. Do they come on the 30th and turn the gas off or do we have to schedule an appointment? Same question when you are done on the 2nd, do they come to turn it back on or do we have to schedule an appointment?
    Dennis Olson

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey Dennis. SDGE will arrive on the morning of the 30th to shut the gas meter off. They will return on the 1st of November to turn the meter back on and to inspect the gas lines within the home. They will just need you to be home that day to give them access. Both appointments have already been scheduled for you.

      • Dennis Olsdn

        Thank you, can you tell me when the appointment is on the 1st to inspect the gas lines?

        • Ozzie Camacho

          Hey Dennis. SDGE will be arriving sometime between 12pm and 6pm on your scheduled return day. Unfortunately they do not give us a more specific time window than that.

          • Dennis Olson

            Thank you

        • Dennis Olson

          Please use the ring doorbell to contact me Tuesday morning.
          Thank You

  5. Elle

    The webinar states that we must be on site from 12 PM – 6 PM on the last day of fumigation (11/1/23) to provide access to gas company. The letter I received from La Costa Casa Grande states we must be on site between 2 – 6 PM on the last day of fumigation to provide access to gas company. Please confirm timeframe.

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Elle. Your return time is 2pm at the latest. For your particular fumigation the return time is 2pm.

      • Joe

        Will outdoor plants on our patios be affected by the fumigation?

        • Ozzie Camacho

          Hey Joe. We anticipate plants in the patios to be tented as well. We recommend relocating them wherever possible and heavily overwatering any that cannot be moved. Overwatering should be done before and after the fumigation to help minimize the damage they sustain for the best likelihood of a full recovery.

          • Joe

            What about in the carports under the front facing units? Can plants be put down there? Also, will those storage units need to be unlocked?

          • Jenna

            Following along on this thread as I have the exact same questions! Hoping we can store plants in our parking spot if it won’t be included in the rented area. If not maybe on the pool deck? Will the pool area/she’d be tented?

          • Ozzie Camacho

            Hey Jenna. Plants can be stored in your parking spot assuming that it is not covered or in a parking structure and if your HOA is okay with it. The pool deck will not be tented.

    • Kylie Myers

      Is anyone going to be double checking that we did our bagging right?

      • Ozzie Camacho

        Hi Ellie. Part of the initial inspection in your home is ensuring that all your food is properly double bagged.


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