Thank you for choosing Accurate Termite and Pest Control for your community’s fumigation.

This dedicated web portal contains all of the information you need for your upcoming fumigation.

What you need to do:

1. Attend One Townhall Meeting (Find My Meeting Dates)

Sign your disclosure and notice of compliance
Pick up your allotted Nylofume Bags (20 per unit)

2. Bag and Store Perishable Food, Medications, and Supplements

See a list of food items that need to be bagged and bagging instructions below.



3. Provide a spare key to your unit and leave all rooms accessible

NOTE: All keys are left in your unit with the door locked once we clear your unit. Be sure to have access to your unit other than the key you provide to avoid locking yourself out.

4. Vacate Accordingly

What you need to know:

The entire process is detailed in this video:
Information about Vikane®, the product being used:



Online Webinar

Wednesday, October 6th, 6 PM

When is my unit being Fumigated?

Vacate by:

Monday, October 25th, 8 AM

Return after:

Wednesday, October 27th, 6 PM


The Structural Pest Control Board published the following document with Frequently Asked Questions regarding whole structure fumigation.


  1. Dorothy Sinclair

    Sorry I missed the zoom meeting – think it’s ok to re-enter our unit at 6pm Wed. the 27 or should we try to stay away another night?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Dorothy. There’s no need to stay out an extra night. You’re free to return home on the third day of fumigation at 6pm.

  2. cherie

    re: KEYS. Is it okay to hide the key and leave our phone number on our door to be called for access our unit?

    How will the keys be returned to us?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Cherie. The best answer to your question will come from your designated project manager. Please reach out to him at

      • cherie

        Hi Ozzie.
        Nice meeting you the other day!
        Jonna in unit 304 has the following keys:
        302 Cherie
        205 Carolyn
        THANK YOU!

        • Ozzie Camacho

          Thanks Cherie! I’ll be sure to get this information to your designated project manager. Thanks for letting is know!

  3. Mary Maffei

    Do we have to turn off air conditioning? If we do, how hot will it get in an apartment? I have artwork that I worry about in extreme heat (over 90 degrees).

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Mary. Yes, please do turn off your air conditioning. The temperature within the tent could possibly reach above 90 degrees depending on the weather conditions during the days of fumigation. Although we have not experience any damaged artwork from a fumigation, I suggest you remove it from the building if you are concerned about it.

  4. Charlotte M Dobbs

    I would like to confirm that the following items must be bagged:
    1. everything in freezer and refrigerator
    2. all packaged food in cupboards
    3. all food/beverages in glass containers
    4. all spices
    5. all canned goods
    6. all moisturizers etc in bathroom
    7. all vitamins and prescriptions
    8. Plastic mattress cover?
    9. can water filters and CO2 cartridges for soda machines be left in my home?
    10. can paint cans be left in storage areas in garage and on balcony?
    11. does grout and other plaster or soap products need to be packaged?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Charlotte. Hygiene and cosmetic products do not need to be double-bagged. You do not need to remove a plastic mattress cover. You also don’t need to add one if your mattress currently does not have one. Water filters and CO2 cartridges do not need to be double-bagged. Paints can be left anywhere you prefer to have them. grout and plaster does not need to be double-bagged. Everything in the fridge and freezer DOES need to be double-bagged. Also all your spices and pantry items. Factory sealed canned goods and items in a factory sealed glass container do not need to be double-bagged. All other items (boxes of cereal or pasta, bags of rice or beans, etc.) must be double-bagged regardless if they have ever been opened.


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