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Thank you for choosing Accurate Termite and Pest Control for your community’s fumigation.

When is my unit being Fumigated?


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Online Webinar

This dedicated web portal contains all of the information you need for your upcoming fumigation.

What you need to do:

1. Watch a pre-recorded presentation detailing all prep instructions

Submit your disclosure and notice of compliance

2. Bag and Store Perishable Food, Medications, and Supplements

See a list of food items that need to be bagged and bagging instructions below.



3. Provide a spare key to your unit and leave all rooms accessible

NOTE: All keys are left in your unit with the door locked once we clear your unit. Be sure to have access to your unit other than the key you provide to avoid locking yourself out.

4. Vacate Accordingly

What you need to know:

The entire process is detailed in this video:
Information about Vikane®, the product being used:




The Structural Pest Control Board published the following document with Frequently Asked Questions regarding whole structure fumigation.


  1. Sandie Armenta

    T he video stated access to our residence and the gas will be turned on between 12:00 PM – ;6:00 PM. The prior literature stated we could not enter our resident until after 6:00 PM

    Please advise the actual time I can re-enter my property.

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi Sandie. Your return time is 12pm. The gas company is expecting either your or someone else to be home to allow access to the unit to restore your gas service.

  2. Thomas Kelly

    Hi, was meadow ct changed or still Friday?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey Thomas. Your fumigation is on for this weekend. The gas will be shut off tomorrow, but your don’t have to leave until Saturday.

  3. Jason Richie

    Hi, two of my neighbors said they received an email the start date changed to Saturday, I’m at 460 Shady Ct, can you confirm?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey Jason. That’s correct. We sent an email to all affected residents. The message was probably sent to your spam box.

      • Jason

        Ok thanks for update, what is the return date/time?

        And I didn’t receive any email this fyi, maybe you sent to landlord only.

        • Ozzie Camacho

          No problem. The return time remains the same. Your building will be ready for you the following Monday at 12pm.

  4. Frances Oda

    Good morning. During the webinar yesterday evening, you mentioned letting things breathe. For example, someone brought up having black bags in the garage and you stated to keep the top opened for ventilation. So, my dilemma is this..I am in the process of packing up my stuff as I will be moving out of state. I currently have boxes already packed, taped and stationed in the garage. Am I going to have to open those up? There are a variety of household goods in the boxes..nothing edible obviously but linens, clothes, blankets. Do all those need to be opened up? Thank you so much for your guidance.

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey Frances. Those taped up boxes are not a problem as they are much more breathable than traditional plastic bags. There’s no need to empty them out as long as there’s no food inside.

  5. James Heitkamp

    Do you lock exterior doors when fumigation is in process?
    Does the garage door remain open open or is a door leading to garage ok?
    Exterior doors have deadbolt and door lock do you need keys for both?
    Will you be using a subcontractor to fumigate?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey James. Exterior doors do remain locked in between inspections during fumigation. The garage as well. We don’t need both deadbolt and knob keys, but if you want to provide both that’ll be fine. Our jobs are subcontracted.


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