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Thank you for choosing Accurate Termite and Pest Control for your community’s fumigation.

When is my unit being Fumigated?

Request your Occupants Fumigation Notice by filling out the webform below

Vacate by:

Wednesday, January 11th, 8 AM

Return after:

Friday, January 13th, 12 PM

Online Webinar

Wednesday, December 14th, 6 PM

This dedicated web portal contains all of the information you need for your upcoming fumigation.

What you need to do:

1. Attend One Townhall Meeting (Find My Meeting Dates)

Sign your disclosure and notice of compliance

2. Bag and Store Perishable Food, Medications, and Supplements

See a list of food items that need to be bagged and bagging instructions below.



3. Provide a spare key to your unit and leave all rooms accessible

NOTE: All keys are left in your unit with the door locked once we clear your unit. Be sure to have access to your unit other than the key you provide to avoid locking yourself out.

4. Vacate Accordingly

What you need to know:

The entire process is detailed in this video:
Information about Vikane®, the product being used:




The Structural Pest Control Board published the following document with Frequently Asked Questions regarding whole structure fumigation.


  1. David

    Can you confirm if food items in both the refrigerator and freezer need to be double bagged? Or can they be single bagged so long as they are sealed in the refrigerator/freezer?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey David. Everything in the fridge and freezer also need to be double bagged. Anything single bagged will be treated as not bagged at all and the fumigators will have to throw it out. This could result in added delay fees.

  2. Jasmin

    My understanding from speaking with friends who tented in the past was that anything that could trap gas needed to be removed such as shoe boxes, drycleaning plastic bags and shampoo bottles. Sounds like the technology has improved and that isn’t necessary anymore but wanted to confirm. thanks

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey Jasmin. Great question! Your friend would be correct if we were using an outdated product. You are correct that technology has evolved to where ventilation of the fumigant is a lot more efficient than in the past. For your fumigation there is no need to remove anything other than a baby mattress and edible items that are not double bagged in Nylofume bags. Complete access to the entire unit for inspections (including safes, vehicles, and filing cabinets) is the only other major requirement.

  3. David Molnar

    Do unused coffee pods (Keurig) need to be bagged up as well?

    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hi David. unused coffee pods and tea bags should also be removed or double bagged.

  4. Arun


    Just confirming that nylofume bags will be provided prior to fumigation? And when will they be provided?


    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey Arun. Bags will be dropped off at your doorstep tomorrow during business hours.

  5. David Molnar

    I’ve listened to the webinar.

    Can you please confirm a few things so I am 100% sure (320 S. Willaman):

    1) The downstairs extra storage lockers/cages need to be unlocked?
    2) We can utilize a key lockbox for leaving keys. If yes, who do we notify that we will be using a key lockbox and where do we provide the key code and how many days in advance?
    3) For indoor and outdoor plants, they mentioned to overwater ahead of time. Do they need to be wrapped in plastic as well? And indoor small herb plants (used for eating), do they need to be bagged or removed?


    • Ozzie Camacho

      Hey David. 1) Yes, all storage areas must remain unlocked.2) You can email your lockbox code to fumigations@accuratetermitecontrol.com. Please send it over no later than 3 business days before your scheduled fumigation. 3) Plants are best left unwrapped. Herb plants are best to be removed altogether.


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